Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Last night I decided to dust off my trusty copy of TimeSplitters 2 in order to polish up my skills. I forgot how fast this game can get!! I had a few deathmatches on my favourite level - Chinese - and got completely obliterated every time. I had to change the skill level to chilled. I then had a quick Bag Tag match which I won hands down!

After that I felt the urge to start building a map. I played around with some of my old maps to remind me of a few techniques before settling down to making a quick little multiplayer map. After a couple of hours playing around with all the lighting, weapon placements and ammo I saved and started on a Story map. Here's a few pics....

....after play testing and editting the first half of the mission I went for a break and about an hour later I completely forgot I was building a new mission. I switched off the xbox by mistake before I'd saved it!! Gah! Luckily I should be able to recreate it from the piccies I took!

Monday, March 21, 2005


Welcome to the first post in my very first BLOG, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect - A Chronology. With this blog I will be monitoring and recording my progress on the eagerly anticipated sequel to TimeSplitters 2. I've been an avid fan of the series since it's inception way back in the year 2000 after the release of the PS2. My favourite aspect of the game was the fact that you could build your own maps! I though that totally rocked - I used to build maps for Tenchu 2 so this was something I was looking forward to. I tinkered with the map quite a bit but felt that it was a bit limiting. So when I heard that they were doing a sequel to the original I started salivating at the ideas and possiblilities of what the new mapmaper could do. It was an improvement to say the least. This time you could build story maps where events and actions could be controled by simple logic. Still found it limiting though!! But that didn't stop me and a buddie from Tenchu Checkpoint from building our own site.

So, now on the eve of Future Perfect being finally released I'm hoping (nay, praying) that they've sorted it right out and that it will offer the freedom that I hoped it would 5 years ago! Judging by some of the reviews and previews on the web it looks like it could be a corker!!
Check this bad boy out!!

Man, I can't wait. I'll be updating this when and as often as possible so keep a check up on it. (I expect I'll be the only fucker reading it anyway!!) Laters.